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(10-05-2019) 12th World Rabbit Congress 2020

2th World Rabbit Congress, Nantes, France, 1-3 July 2020

The World Rabbit Science Association (WRSA) strives to advance knowledge and understanding of all aspects of rabbit science and the rabbit industry. Its next congress will be organized by INRA and the french rabbit science association (ASFC). The 12th World Rabbit Congress will take place at the Cité des Congrès de Nantes in France.

Conferences, poster session, oral sessions, round table
Key dates:

  • Registration from September 15th 2019
  • Early registration deadline: may15th 2020
  • Title and synopsis proposition: April 1st - September 2019
  • Communication submission open from September 15th 2019 to November 2019
  • Communication notification: mars 15th 2020

Meer info: https://colloque.inra.fr/wrc2020